Must Read News Articles – September 15

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Social issues

A higher opportunity: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India can become a global hub for higher education. Much can be achieved without government having to do the heavy lifting.


Effects of developed and developing countries policies

Japan calls for ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy’: (The Hindu)

“Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy” aims to prepare Japan to deal with the fast changing global and regional order and threats from China and North Korea.

International groupings and agreements

At home and in the world: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Deporting refugees would run counter to India’s obligations under domestic and international law.

India and neighbors

Can India ignore the Rohingya crisis?: (The Hindu, Editorial)

Since the refugees have no home to return to right now, New Delhi must show some magnanimity.

Executive and the Judiciary

How to make Indian courts more efficient: (Live Mint, Editorial)

The Indian judicial system has a pendency problem. Better case management and procedural reforms can go a long way in reducing case pendency.

Government Policies 

Going digital: (Indian Express, Editorial)

All technology is vulnerable. What is needed is mitigation of risks of Aadhaar, not its abrogation


Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

Govt. committee to review exporters’ ‘$10 bn.-problem’:

A government panel headed by the Revenue Secretary will meet to resolve a ‘$10 billion-problem’ troubling India’s exporters and its potential adverse impact on jobs.

Good and simple tax: (The Hindu, Editorial)

A course correction is essential to fix the glitches in the GST regime.

Here’s why there is a sharp surge in petrol, diesel prices: (Indian Express, Explained)

Global oil prices are half 2014 levels, the rupee has been largely neutral against the dollar, but the prices of petrol and diesel which change ‘dynamically’ on a daily basis continue to be the highest in nearly 3 years.

Infrastructure and investment models

The new highways: (The Hindu, Editorial)

The Central Road Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2017 implants ‘national waterways’ into the 2000 Act. The Bill proposes using a part of the cess collected on high-speed diesel and petrol for the upkeep of the national and State highways for maintaining the infrastructure of the national waterways.

Science and Tech

India’s pharmaceutical research problem: (Live Mint, Editorial)

There are several barriers, from a lack of investment in research and development to human capital shortfalls.

Prelims Related Topics

Scientists map lunar water with data from Chandrayaan-1:

Scientists, using data from an instrument which flew aboard India’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, have created the first map of water trapped in the uppermost layer of the moon’s soil.


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