IDEAthon on ‘The Future of River Management’

News:National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and the National Institute of Urban Affairs(NIUA) has organized an IDEAthon on “The Future of River Management’. Facts: Aim:To explore how the Covid-19 crisis can shape river management strategies for the future and to examine how the social angle of rivers can be leveraged on to address other crises.… Continue reading IDEAthon on ‘The Future of River Management’

Ganga Data Collector

News:Wildlife Institute of India(WII) has launched a mobile application named “Ganga Data Collector”. Facts: About Ganga data collector: The application aims to provide field researchers with a complete data entry solution to monitor the aquatic population in the Ganga river. The application has been launched under the Biodiversity and Ganga Conservation project initiated by the… Continue reading Ganga Data Collector