Cabinet approves MoU between India and UK on “Global Innovation Partnership”

What is the News? The Union Cabinet has given an ex-post facto approval for an agreement signed between India with the United Kingdom on Global Innovation Partnership. About Global Innovation Partnership: Firstly, Global Innovation Partnership has been launched by the Government of India and the UK. Secondly, the purpose of the GIP is to support Indian… Continue reading Cabinet approves MoU between India and UK on “Global Innovation Partnership”

“India-UK Virtual Summit”

Contents1 2 What is the News?3 Initiatives launched during the India-UK Virtual Summit:4 Enhanced Trade Partnership(ETP):5 India-UK ‘Global Innovation Partnership’: What is the News? Indian Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has held a Virtual Summit. Initiatives launched during the India-UK Virtual Summit: Comprehensive Roadmap 2030: The Roadmap 2030 was launched… Continue reading “India-UK Virtual Summit”

Opportunities in India-UK relations

Synopsis:  Through this article, we will discuss the contentious issue hampering India-UK relations as well as possible opportunities of convergence for mutual development. Background India- Britain summit is set to take place digitally. The two leaders are expected to announce a 10-year roadmap to transform the bilateral relationship that will cover a range of areas.… Continue reading Opportunities in India-UK relations

Retrospective Taxation: Cairns Issue

Why in News? Cairn Energy has asked the Government of India to resolve the retrospective taxation case. It has threatened to begin attaching Indian assets including bank accounts in different world capitals in case of non-resolution. Background: The Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled in Dec. 2020 that the Indian government was wrong in imposing a… Continue reading Retrospective Taxation: Cairns Issue

UK  Report classified India among ‘difficult four’ countries

Synopsis: The report released by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK) recommends an arm’s length relationship with India due to rise of religious intolerance.  Back ground  Recently, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK) have proposed a blueprint titled “Global Britain, Global Broker”, for Britain’s future foreign policy after Brexit.  As a matter of concern for India, the report… Continue reading UK  Report classified India among ‘difficult four’ countries

UK-India Free Trade relations and Cairn Energy PLC issue

Synopsis: With the conclusion of UK-EU trade agreement, now there is an opportunity to work towards UK-India Free Trade Agreement but resolving Cairn Energy issue must be a priority for that.   Introduction   Present developments provide an opportunity for both India and UK to move the bilateral economic plan forward.    Both countries have common interest in the issues, such as climate… Continue reading UK-India Free Trade relations and Cairn Energy PLC issue

India-U.K. relations after Brexit

Synopsis: India and UK have shared a past and they need to plan a different future together.  Introduction   PM Modi invited the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the chief guest for India’s Republic Day parade this month. However, British PM has expressed his inability to attend the ceremony due to COVID-19 mutations in the UK.… Continue reading India-U.K. relations after Brexit

Issue of Retrospective tax cases; what should India do next?

Context: After Vodafone, India has lost its 2nd case to Cairn Plc at Permanent Court of Arbitration over a retrospective tax demand. Now, what are the options left with India and which one should it chose?  WHAT ARE THE CASES IN QUESTION?  Very recently, Cairn Plc has won a case of retrospective tax against India at Permanent Court of Arbitration. Court has… Continue reading Issue of Retrospective tax cases; what should India do next?

India lost Retrospective taxation case to Cairn

Synopsis: In a 2nd setback after Vodafone case, Indian government has lost an International arbitration case to energy giant Cairn, on the issue of retrospective taxation.   Introduction  The Indian government has lost an international arbitration case to energy giant Cairn Plc over the retrospective levy of taxes, and has been asked to pay damages worth RS. 8000 crore to the… Continue reading India lost Retrospective taxation case to Cairn

India and UK launches Virtual Vaccines Hub

Source: Click here News: India and the UK Government has launched a Virtual Vaccines Hub.  Facts:  Objective: To distribute vaccines for Covid-19 and other deadly viruses by sharing knowledge on clinical trials and regulatory approvals and get vaccines to people who need them most in a safe, secure and energy-efficient way.  Previous such collaboration with the UK:  This… Continue reading India and UK launches Virtual Vaccines Hub