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Today’s Newspaper is an Initiative by Team ForumIAS to provide links to the Must Read Articles of The Day from Newspaper like The Hindu.

The purpose of Today’s Newspaper is :-

  • For Newcomers: Help Students identify the important articles to be read from the Hindu on a daily basis. Often it is seen that new aspirants do not what all to read from The Hindu. Our Listing will help newcomers to identify the right kind of news that is to be done from the Newspaper. This will in turn help save time and identifying the useful articles – as we already do it for you.
  • For Experienced Aspirants: Experienced Aspirants already know what articles to read from The Hindu. Still this initiative will help them in zero in in useful articles quickly and will do away with the need of the Physical Newspaper.
  • For Both Newcomers and Experienced Candidates : Often it is seen that we miss reading the newspaper on certain days, especially if you read the newspaper in hardcopy. This initiative will help in creating an archive page which has the important news items to be listed in a single page for the past few months, which can be used to refer before the exam. This is important especially before Prelims & Mains Examination for those who want to make sure that they have read every days newspaper before they appear for the Mains.
  •  For those who are located in remote areas : A number of IAS aspirants are located in geographically dispersed areas where the availability of Newspaper in English medium, especially The Hindu  may not be there. This initiative will serve as a one stop solution for their newspaper reading needs.

Must Read Current Affairs News Articles of The Day – Arranged Datewise:(2017)

Must Read Current Affairs News Articles of The Day – Arranged Datewise:(2016)


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    What should i do to clear prelims i have only 5 months from where we should study …any one can suggest me material

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    Thank you Forumias,It is a nice initiative for the new candidates as well as others.

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    sir today’s newspaper.and daily editorial from date january are not everything okay (realting to your health etc.)?or simply you stopped this.

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